Channel Your Genius Academy
Get Mellissa's direct mentorship, guidance, clearing, and empowerment so you can Channel your Genius in the world - in your business and life.
You're an inspired, intuitive, creative professional.
And you're ready to do what your soul came here to do.
You just need the guidance, support, and direction from a mentor who truly bridges the worlds.
This Academy is designed for you.

I'm Mellissa, and I made this for you.
I'm a Stanford educated former business attorney turned Intuitive.
I help smart creative professionals to find professional and spiritual fulfillment at the same time.

For my Academy members, making money, creating impact, and living a life of spiritual integrity all go together.

I've supported everyone from billionaires to mompreneurs - from Fortune 100 executives and creative tech founders to intuitive healers who are destined to change the world.  Because of demand and the intensity of my one-on-one support, private session work with me means investing thousands of dollars. 

I know not everyone can afford to pay thousands of $$ a month to hear me channel for them personally.  I created this program so that I can serve more talented gifted folk, at the investment level of hundreds monthly instead of thousands.  

My goal is to help thousands of people open as true channels of genius in this world.  Will you be one of them?​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Here's to your Genius flowing in the world!
What do I get?
Create more of what you want, easier.
Each Event will give you info you can use to stay inspired and create with impact.  When you know the insider info, you do better in business, saving you money and your sanity - cause you know what's up!

Know the energy trends before they happen.  
●Learn steps to become a co-creator with Spirit.
●Understand how current world energies are helping (and hindering) your creative efficacy in the world, and what to do about it.
Have fun co-creating with Spirit
Co-creating with your "big boss" - your soul, your spirit, your Genius - is supposed to be fun.  Not heavy.

Enjoy Mellissa's goofy style, even with the deepest subjects. 
●Learn what's really "happening" so you can laugh at the hilarity of it all!
●Treat yourself to the clearing, lightness and joy that transmit in every event, even if you're watching the recording later!
Stay Inspired and Energized 

These events are not more blah-blah boring crap.  These events will clear the gunk, fuel you up, and inspire you.

●Energy healing with every event that many people pay $300+ for, happily. 
●Finally, you can have a community that is both fun and deep, without having to go find them! 
●Attend these events regularly, and you won't have to pay so much for massage, drinks, and meals out - cause you'll be filled up by Source!
Open Your Own Creative Channel
Mellissa has been called a midwife of channels.  Every event is tuned to open your own channel in your own work (not to make you dependent on Mellissa as your only translator).  

●Enjoy the weekly experiments to open your central creative channel. 
●Effortless release of old gunk.
●Learn to Channel Your Genius (and get paid well for it)

Your Invisible Team Connection
You feel guided by higher intelligence,  but you're often too busy to call them in. Academy membership means you get access to your team, my team, and the combined team of all participants!

●Get closer with your guidance at every event. 
●Accelerate your Intuitive Knowing so you make the best decisions. 
●Effortlessly open to receive the luck, love, and riches that your Invisible Team brings.
Relax and Receive 
You support other people.  But who supports you?  You know you need a mentor, and you need a community who values both worlds. 

If you're like most leaders, you've been starving yourself of what you give to others.  This is your chance to  relax, receive, and let yourself be guided and supported.
Here's what people say about membership with Mellissa...
Stephanie Mathews
Mellissa’s channeling was so exciting to be a part of. I felt so loved knowing through this whole process I am able to connect easier and gain more tools and wisdom from my own guides. I love growing deeper together as a group and learning how to connect my spiritual work with my physical work. In such gratitude,  
Mellissa transmits guidance ‘from the other side’ to embody and spread in the world what our souls long to do. Feeling the deep acceptance and encouragement of the soul guides empowers me in my life and work. If you have some venture dollars to spend on growth- inside and in the world - this is a good place to invest them.
Rob Calef
If you're wondering what the unconditioned voice of feminine wisdom sounds like, this is it.
The buzz from this woman represents the voice of the Ancestors who speak words of insight and ways of healing.
Rick Smith
Mellissa is like a personal home entertainment system - funny, engaging, and full of wisdom.
Here's how it Works
Twice Monthly Academy Livestream Events

Twice a month, you get to experience a LIVE class with Mellissa that includes:

* TRAINING:  in how to be a channel of genius: how to create and run an inspired business, how to channel your genius in relationships, how to bring through your true purpose and voice, how to make creating effortless and more.  You'll learn to channel all four types of genius: Creative, Visionary, Integrative, and Embodied forms of your Genius.

* CLEARING: Effortless and deep clearing on a regular basis will be a delicious way to keep yourself clear of sabotage, fear, and the resistance that has been keeping you from channeling your true genius unapologetically in the world.  Clearing happens live at every event, and works even if you are watching the recording afterwards.

* ATTUNEMENT:  The intentional field of the Academy provides a space where evolutionary energies are infusing us all the time together.  Plus, in each live event, Mellissa calls in new energies that attune you for what's next, what's effortless, and what opens your channel for your own unique work to pour through you.

* PERSONALIZED SUPPORT:  You have the opportunity in each event to ask questions directly of Mellissa, and to receive powerful energetic support and encouragement from the other Academy members, many of whom are world-class healers and transformative agents in their own right.  As a community we create a powerful web of support, encouragement, and love.
Private Coaching Group on FB
Our private group on Facebook provides a forum for members to get updated information, and to have direct personal contact with Mellissa, 24/7.

So many membership programs give you access only to the apprentices, the assistants, and the robots of the teacher you wanted to work with.

In the Channel Your Genius Academy group, you can ask questions, post ideas, and get support directly from Mellissa herself, as well as from an amazing group of other intuitive genius types from around the world.

No Risk:  You can cancel your month-to-month subscription anytime.
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